More than just a book.

Gypsy filmmaker Nick Conedera puts the pedal to the metal, taking you along for the ride in this witty, wild, insightful, and challenging personal account of living on the road for three years as he travels to over 100 cities. Starting out as a fun adventure, Nick never thought that living life at 70 mph would become a spiritual growth experience, and he’s here to share his lessons with you. Whether you love travel, you’re sick of the 9 to 5 rat race, or you’re considering the logistics of vanlife for yourself, Nick’s road stories will drive you to grab the wheel of your own life and haul ass to your dream destination.

Everyone knows that Nick is a world-class storyteller…. This is one of those books that might just shift your entire life if you’re ready for it.

Isaac Stegman

Founder/CEO, Kaizen Coaching

This book is a must-read for those of us who wish to experience true freedom and to live our lives in alignment with what matters most.

Hal Elrod

Author, The Miracle Morning

As I write this, I’m on week 6 of an epic road trip. No doubt Nick’s adventures paved the way  for the Vroman family road trip of 2021.

Jon Vroman

Founder, Front Row Dads

Nick Kung-Fu’d his over-achiever lifestyle into a down-to-earth daily adventure. His commentary and instructions for the metamorphosis of van-life are relatable, generous, and vital.

Kristy Jessica

Vanlifer, Traveling Muse

Reading this book makes one want to jump in their own van and get out and make a life worth living. Whether venturing on the road or safe at home. Nick’s story fuels one’s soul to truly live.

Tim Rhode

Founder, 1 Life Fully Lived

An epic tale of one brave soul’s Hero’s Journey, this book is equal parts inspiration, motivation, and entertainment! A candid glimpse of what life on the road in a van is like…

Matt Piper



One word: badass. In past lives, Nick has been a king, a pirate, a samurai warrior, a Buddhist monk, and, most recently, a rock ‘n’ roll star. But this time, he chose to experience planet Earth as an artist. Guided by lone wolf and jaguar spirits, Nick is here to elevate the consciousness of humanity through the entertaining power of storytelling. His earthly duties include: CEO of Conedera Studios, a six-figure production company creating documentary-style brand films for clients in the personal growth industry, and director of feature films like SHARP (2013), The Miracle Morning (2020), and How to Save $100K in Your Twenties (2020). He has a BFA in Film Production from Chapman University and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. Nick currently lives in his van, named after the Roman god Janüs, and continues to travel the country.